Medical Use

The technology is widely applied to treat Depression, Chronic Pain, Amblyopia, Alzheimer’s disease, Migraine, Parkinsonism, Tinnitus, Stroke and etc.

Learning Boost

Raise your attention and stimulate your neuron to improve Mathematic ability, Language Usage, Creativity and Visual Association.

Health Care

Increase your cognitive sensitivity to achieve Weight Control, Addiction Recovery, Anxiety Release and more...

I could not believe (like most of you) that something so simple could do so much good...
curing depression, relieving chronic pain, improving memory, speeding learning, and much more:
with a spotless safety record.

Really?! It turns out to be true.



PriorMind System

Flexible: adjustable strength & placement;
Portable: pocket size, push button

Medical Sponge

Plug and go; Reusable;
Tidy and Convenient


Home Sponge

One-time use;
Common sponge easy to buy


Saline Solution

As a conductor;
You can mix 9g of salt & 1L of water by your own

Head Band

To fix the sponge on the desired location

Ready-to-Go Bundle

Include the device, a pair of medical sponge, 200mL saline solution, and a head band
It's not a magic pill...
You still have to work hard, but it is going to improve the results of that work,
enhancing your performance, allowing you to learn more easily and achieve more.

— Dr Roi Cohen Kadosh


Get an Edge Now
One Single Device to Release Your
True Potential


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